FIREFOURFLY by Sterre & Nina

Last year we had the honor to teach a class at the B Fashion Academy in Amsterdam, Alkmaar & Eindhoven. I enjoyed the classes so much. The B Fashion Academy team gave me the freedom to tell students about my journey as a entrepreneur in Fashion. I had the opportunity to share how we started, which mistakes I made along the road and what this journey taught me so far. 
The series of classes on the B Fashion Academy where actually quite a journey in selfreflection for also. It made me reflect on everything we did with eeden so far and I really enjoyed the conversations about it with the students.

Anyways, we did a collaboration with B Fashion Academy for the end of the series of classes in which the students had the opportunity to pitch their work of the semester and I had the honor to pick a winner to collaborate with. It was so hard, I ended up picking 3 winners in which we did different collaboration. 

At the location of Amsterdam I met Nina (20) and Sterre (17). Their pitch of heir new label FIREFOURFLY gave me goosebumps straight away.

They first blew me away with their amazing promovid. The story behind the brand was one that just really hit me. It's about young introvert girls that found a way to express their fierce side though clothing and style. They showed me how they make their outfits and style speak for them while they find it hard to speak up themselves. Zie hieronder de promovideo van FIREFOURFLY.

I told the girls honestly I did not see a match straight away for selling their pieces in our store and webshop, but I was just blown away by the story behind the brand so I really did want to give them some kind of spotlight or shoutout. Everything in their pitch just touched my heart straigt away. The name, the promovid, the colors, the story, it was all just really form the heart, which I am a huge sucker for. I really do believe in the power of creating something from the heart, from a feeling that actually lives in you. 

'The  ‘Four’ in ‘FireFourFly’ stands for our four key words: storytelling, powerwoman, confident and introverted. We came up with ‘FireFly’ because fireflies are small insects but they still stand out.'

They also told me a little bit about the way they agreed on working together for this semester. They explained to me how they are just really complementary and I could feel they have lots of respect for their differences. I found it very refreshing to see such young girls speak so sincerely and authentic about each other.
Big compliment to them. 

Strijp S FIREFOURFLY eeden atelier DDW B fashion academy

The whole story behind it just touched me because for me clothing and style was always a way to express myself and to build on confidence, give me that extra bit of power while I needit it. Fashion can be a way to speak for you in situations which words can't do it for you. Nina and Sterre where the once to explain that perfectly with their brand. <3

I was a 100% sure I wanted to give Sterre and Nina a shoutout for their work. We agreed on doing a photoshoot together in Eindhoven

Strijp S FIREFOURFLY eeden atelier DDW B fashion academy

‘In the past few years we have grown very much from an introverted person to a more outgoing person. Because we, as introverted girls, know how hard it can be to speak up, we wanted to create a brand that stands for feeling confident.’

firefoufly eeden atelier DDW B Fashion Academy FIREFOURFLY eeden atelier DDW B Fashion Academy
Ofcourse I wanted to wear one of the piece myself also. The jacket just does the job perfectly; It gave me a sense of power and fierceness straight away. It felt super feminine and super powerful to wear their piece.

Strijp S FIREFOURFLY eeden atelier DDW B fashion academy
Strijp S FIREFOURFLY eeden atelier DDW B fashion academy
Strijp S FIREFOURFLY eeden atelier DDW B fashion academy

These girls arranged everything themselves for this day. They arranged a team with models, photographer,  last minute cancellations on make-up and hair forced them to be creative with their own magic hands which worked out just fine. They where super professional and send me a callsheet for the day, just like they where probably taught on the B Fashion Academy. 

I'd like to Thank Nine and Sterre for this experience together and I wish them all the best and good luck with their brand in the future. I also like to thank the  B Fashion Academy Team for making these experiences possible. I am looking forward to the series of classes for 2022.

Models: @vanhgladys & @isabellahof
Photographer @amyschisano
Designers: @firefourfly @nina.elisabeth.designs & @sterreelaine 
Alumni @bfashionacademy
Text by: Tessa van den Eeden - eeden ATELIER