I make couture cause it's my way to express my inner world with a wearable artwork. I mainly show mental health subjects that I think we all find hard to face, but do connect us all on being human. I hope to create a piece that represents this subject and makes it a little easier to face cause it's a pleasure or interesting to look at.
Currently I am working on a very personal project which will include 5 pieces that will l all represent a subject I want to leave behind or change my perspective on. To reinforce that, I will use scraps and leftovers from my atelier to create these pieces. That way I will clear my space mentally ánd phisically.

This project will contain the subjects: 

Alcohol&drug abuse
Need for attention



1. Chaos (already been made and filmed during DDW22)


2. Alcohol&drug abuse (currently making)

Cocaine represent the struggle with alcohol&drug abuse. In the design I used elements that will show how it feels to struggle with substance abuse. An example of this is a shiny/glittery mesh tight net-fabric that represents the superficial 'glamour' that we think drug or alcohol adds to our life but will eventually have a suffocating effect. The face and eyes are covered to represent the 'mask' we are often hiding behind while abusing any substance. The dark pieces on the bottom of the dress represent the heaviness the use will eventually turn into.