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I make couture cause it's my way to express my inner world with a wearable artwork. I mainly show mental health subjects that I think we all find hard to face, but do connect us all on being human. 
Currently I am working on a very personal project which will include 5 pieces that Ih have an hate/love relationship with. To reinforce that, I will use scraps and leftovers from my atelier to create these pieces. That way I will clear my space mentally ánd physically.


This project will contain the subjects: 

Need for attention
Fear of Failure


  1. CHAOS
    Made during Dutch Design Week 2022


Cocaine represent the struggle with addiction in any form. In the design I used elements that will show how it feels to struggle with substance abuse. An example of this is a shiny/glittery mesh tight net-fabric that represents the superficial high and addiction gives us but will eventually have a suffocating effect. The face and eyes are covered to represent the 'mask' we are often hiding behind with an addiction.