Tessa van den Eeden 

As a kid Tessa van den Eeden (1991, Eindhoven) always expressed through many different artforms. Dancing, singing, dressing up, writing, theatre, fashion, drawing. She wanted ALL. Her father says; 'she was made to express'
People kindly asked her; 'But what do you want? What will you choose?'
She never wanted to choose. 'But...you can't have it all' they said. This triggered her to actually do have it all. So, she started to explore all different ways of how people live, what they do and why they do it and loose herself in it just enough to be able to share the story. 

Driven by the insane curiousity for what people drives to make their choices, she explores the world around her. Insprired by people and their extreme's, she steps into other peoples lives by fully analyzing and consuming their biggest fears, deepest desires.

" Through full dedication, asking lots of questions, watching and listning closely, I try to step into someone's life and fully experience it in a less then a couple of months and then turn it into relatable art."

In her work she wishes to show that all fears, desires, mistakes, sins, wishes and joy are part of us as human beings and that we should not decide weather a part is good or bad, but our only task is to feel and express them. With her wearable art pieces she gives a voice and a body to mostly the parts that we do not want to face of ourselves.

"I try to create something beautiful from the themes we struggle to face like addiction, insecurity or our need for attention. If I create something interesting or beautiful to look at and we see some beauty in it, we might struggle less to face it."

In order to make pieces that make people stare and hopefully experience and face these theme's she uses sheer materials and lots or handwork to creatie a interesting look. Probably cause of the fact that her couture tells someones story we can all relate to in a way, she made garments for special moments in peoples lives. From the start she created many weddingdresses & special pieces for performers and artists.


Tessa van den Eeden is currently based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Tessa van den Eeden