Not wanting or not being able to choose, not wanting to plan, not wanting to clean up and not wanting to structure and organize myself and my process. It all created a big chaos and kept me from doing my work. I used to have a strange bond with this chaos. I believed it was a part of me and I had a hard time letting it go.
The first piece from THE SHADOW series, 'CHAOS' I made during the Dutch Design Week 2022. She represents the chaos.

I made her to break my bond with chaos. I wanted to say goodbye to these habits and design new ones in their place. I would start by cleaning up my studio so it would no longer get in the way of working. I gave away all the fabrics in my studio that I didn't see an immediate project for.
Then all my tools got a permanent place, I agreed with myself to clean up my studio every day, and I made some work rules for myself. I still experiment with the rules to this day.


A before and after of the atelier

Find my short docu about the birth of the project and the process behind CHAOS on youtube. Click on the tumbnail below.  (english subtitels)

My project "THE SHADOW" is a 5-part series of topics that we as humans find quite difficult to face.
Chaos, Addiction, Need for attention, Fear of failure and Selfdoubt.